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Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is just as the name suggests: an online version of the amazing collective card game Pokemon. As such, you can challenge other players from anywhere in the world to a card duel where only the best Pokemon trainer will be victorious.

Gameplay in Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is practically identical to the collectible card game. Luckily, if you don’t know the rules, you just have to play the tutorial. It’ll teach you all the basic concepts you need to start playing and winning.

In Pokemon Trading Card Game Online you’ll find hundreds of different cards, each one of them with their own attributes and special skills. Also, using a lot of cards will unchain a beautiful 3D animation which will then lead to absolutely spectacular combats.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is a super entertaining collectible card game that fans of the Pokemon saga will specially love.
By Pepe Domínguez
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Android 4.3 or greater is required

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